Our intention with the Story In Process Workshop is to create a space where trauma survivors can find hope in community and learn new tools for a lifetime of self-care.

Studies show when we can craft our experiences into stories, we can begin to find meaning in our trauma. This narrative process can start to reduce the stress and heal the wounds that hold us back.

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About Us

At Bespoken Live we believe we are all stories in process. When we craft our experiences with gun-based violence into stories, we can begin to heal the wounds that hold us back. Because stories connect us to ourselves and to one another, Story in Process is facilitating a series of trauma-informed storytelling workshops in Cincinnati. Our intention is that the healing process can begin through crafting, telling, and witnessing our stories.

Made possible by the Johnson Foundation.

About the Facilitators

La Shanda Sugg, MA, LPC

La Shanda is a therapist, trainer, and consultant. La Shanda has been a National Promise Presenter for Sandy Hook Promise since 2015.


Dr. Laura Buffington

Laura Buffington has spent 14 years telling stories in the non-profit world. She is the Content Developer for Rebel Pilgrim Creative Agency.


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